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from 01 September 2018 to 30 October 2018
Sochi Autodrom is the most modern circuit in Eastern Europe. The venue has been designed by Russian experts in conjunction with Tilke Gmbh & Co., the head of which – Hermann Tilke – has designed most of the modern F1 tracks.
● 332 km / h full speed
● 22 drivers and 11 teams
● 1.7 seconds to 100 km / h
● 5848 meters track length
● 309 745 meters total distance

The location of Sochi Autodrom makes it special - the circuit is located in the Olympic Park, which hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. The most interesting part of the track is its long turn 3 - 650-metre turn is the longest one in the Formula 1 calendar, and the negative incline of the surface is a difficult challenge for the drivers.
Each of the Sochi Autodrom grandstands offers an excellent view of the most exciting sections of the track.

Virtual ride around the track 360-degree video

Трибуны GA.jpg

General Admission
The General Admission Area, located around the Bolshoy Ice Palace, offers view of turns 4, 5 and 6. Guests can watch the race from any place around the Bolshoy Ice Palace and can watch the video streaming on the giant screen.
Please be advised that there are no seats in this area and pit lane walk is not available for the spectators of this area.

Трибуны Т3.jpg

T3 Daniil Kvyat Grandstand
At T3 Grandstand spectators will be treated to the sights of thrilling battles as the drivers pass turns 2 and 3. Turn 3 is the longest left hander in the entire Formula 1 calendar, drivers are making a very long steep turn while negotiating this corner.

Трибуны Т2.jpg

T2 Grandstand
T2 is positioned in one of the most sharp corners of the track. It is the best grandstand for those seeking adrenaline rush. It is here where spectators will witness the incredible braking power of the race cars, braking into one of the most difficult parts of the track after reaching 300km/h.

Трибуны Т1.jpg

T1 Grandstand
T1 Grandstand offers a great view of the start and finish straight, the pit exit, the first turn and race cars accelerating up to 300km/h as they approach turn 2. Here one can see the race battle unfolding not only in the first two turns but also in turns 12, 13 and 14.

Трибуны Главная.jpg

Main Grandstand
The Main Grandstand is positioned alongside the start and finish line, It will give spectators a view of the start of the race, an unsurpassed work of mechanics during pit stops, the racing cars fighting for the first turn, the winner’s finish and a spectacular opening ceremony.